10th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

The first league night in cold weather and this was noticeable by lack of bounce in the ball.

First on was Des at No3. Looking remarkably like a Super15 rugby player in his beautiful Nike two-piece shorts, you know, built-in (ballerina) tights under a gents pair of shorts,  in his usual casual fashion under-estimated his opponent and lost the first game (15-17). Then, again in his usual fashion, took the match seriously and was too powerful for Yoav (now a regular in the Eds team) taking the next three games fairly easily. (3/1)

Next on was John at No2 playing their captain, Patrick, who should honestly play at 4 but, well, he is the captain and thinks he is good enough to play 2. John took a while to acclimatise and in the first game succumbed meekly winning only 6 points. A little scolding from the team shook him into reality and we saw a different player take the next three games (with some sweat it must be said) dropping only 20 points to win 3/1.   All looking good so far.

Then on was Keith promoted to No1 as a result of a call-in by a sick Brian earlier in the day. Sick! Dear Reader, is a boil on your balls really an excuse for not pitching to play your league match? Nevertheless Keith played Jahinger Khan (alias Atish Ratangee) who also beat Brian 3-zip in the first round, and did put up a strong fight in the first before losing 10/15. Mr Khan was too good for Braveheart and Keith was soundly whipped 15/8 and 15/8 to go down 0/3.
Not a problem, we were 2-up, 6 games to 5 and 137 points to 128. A little pressure?  

Bob on at No4 against another Old Eds regular, Justin, who Paddy soundly whipped 3/0 in the first round, so Bob felt very confident. Ahah! Surprise, surprise, Dear Reader, young Justin has been playing squash while Bob has been exercising his beer-drinking arm and a game was on! Bob took the first 18/16; lost the second 15/17; injected some life into his failing body to take the third 16/14 and was completely whacked in the fourth and lost it 6/15.  Pressure, did someone say? At this point we were 8 games to 7 and 192 points to 190! Now this was pressure. Fortunately Bob’s mental arithmetic isn’t so good and he didn’t know this, in fact his brain was in a neutral state of exhaustion. The last game was crucial and fortunately for Bob, young Justin cracked at 11-all and Bob managed to win the game 15/11.

Good win – 9 – 7 giving us 12 points to place us third on the log.

Final result : 9 - 7