7th A League vs. Wits

The pipes of peace had sounded and a cease fire was observed. The long cold winter of our discontent was endured. But now, the call to arms has again been sounded and unto the breach once more we must go…if only this tale had a happy ending and not this one of woe.

No: 2 – I headed up the battle against foul-mouthed Roy and things looked promising for the first few points and then the rot started to set in. Failing to find a good length and anything assimilating a tight shot I resorted to the short game and running Roy was up to the challenge. Lost the first, pipped to the post in the second I managed to salvage some pride in the third but was pipped again in the forth. Not a great start to the return-leg season and still with the loosing streak monkey firmly clinging to my back - not even Chicken Licken can shake off! (1-3) 10-15 14-16 17-15 13-15

No: 3 – Karel steps up to the plate against the sweet-hitting silent Sanjay and Karel is so tentative with his shots (completely out of character) that he tins most of his drops and boasts. His inability to hit the ball with any intent fails to put his opponent under any pressure and quite the opposite happens - when a disputed point between player and marker sees Karel loose his rag and in the subsequent point the unfortunate Sanjay bares the brunt of a shot that should have been held. Karel manages to find some composure in the third and then loses a hard fought game in the forth. (1-3) 11-15 13-15 15-9 14-16

No: 4 – Two-nil down and things look bleak until Michael, dressed in his “Father Christmas” red tracksuit takes to the stage against Jaycee and the highlight game of the evening ensued. Michael showing-off his full repertoire of shots; drives – lobs – drops and a host of sneaky cross your body thingies made for an entertaining game to watch and mark. Problem was that Jaycee was a pretty good match to Michael’s repertoire and fetched and retrieved and caught Michael short on his legs and not seeing a good many boasts. Same pattern for the evening as Michael salvaged pride in the third but then frustratingly succumbed in the fourth. (1-3) 9-15 10-15 15-11 14-16

No: 1 – Papa (the Greek) back from a long injury lay-off playing the “never met him before” Mark (soon to be married to a Greek)! Nic starts well and was probably the only team member to find a decent length – played a good and close fought first game but then fell apart in the second without much of a fight and George thought that he was going to see his first ever 15 zip game and was almost disappointed when Nic pulled back a few points. The third saw some fight but in the end it seemed like the mountain was just too hard to climb and Mark was a pretty tidy player! Not a good season for Nic thus far or maybe the monkey just likes us continental types!? (0-3) 13-15 4-15 13-15

Not the result we wanted at all. Although we are no contenders on the log, we do, however, have to keep our “B” team in their place below us on the log or suffer a fate worse than death – becoming the A “B team”.

The only positive news to report on the evening is that Steph played his first “match practice” match against George and thumped him. Well done and welcome back Steph – this after trying to spatchcock his finger with a circular saw.

A good hearty get together was had at Gino’s made all the heartier – YES HEARTIER – by whispering George and the play of the day must go to Michael for his passing line to the waitress who, to her credit, smiled brightly while taking his comment in her stride. Don’t worry Gerda, Michael was far too young for her anyway and her boobs weren’t as good as Michaels Savanna Dry thought they were!!!

Thanks to the good-spirited Wits team and just to confirm whether we can negotiate double the BEE scorecard points when we play (and loose to) the mighty Charos?


Match score: 3 - 16