6th League A vs Wanderers

Bad day on the courts
 Louis on first and never seemed to get in the game was down 2 and then managed to steal one but lost the 4th so 1-3
 Gerhard went on next and also struggled somewhat - same picture down 2 came back for 1 and narrowly lost the 4th  so 1-3
 Gavin on next and got thumped 0-3. Iit was one of those games if he did manage to get a good shot in, it would be returned into the nick
 Fergus on to restore some pride or so we thought. Before he opened his eyes he was 2 down – he then switched to masters mode as he was playing a youngster and took the next 3 games (great running and never giving up) 3-2
 5 points for the night

Match result : 5 - 14