6th B League vs Old Eds

Second half began with a gurgle for 6'B' (which sits above 6'A' in the standings if you must know).

We played top of the log Old Eds A, whom we beat narrowly 8-7 at home during the first half. This time welost narrowly 7-8, thanks to yours truly not picking up a game despite being way ahead twice. Many thanks to BigG for filling in at 1, and winning (just) against frog-in-the-blender, 20-a-day, nearing-retirement-age Mr. Manton.

G,Big- vs. Jeremy,Manton-
15-12 15-12 14-16 9-15 15-13

ASAF,BEN NATHAN- vs. Mark,van Niekerk-
15-6 15-5 11-15 15-12

Bruce,Bydawell- vs. Peter,Sapire-
15-10 15-11 15-11

Dennis,Bass- vs. Phil,Alves-
15-10 16-14 15-12

Match score: 7 - 9