6th B League vs Bryanston

Busy courts and relegated from the glass back of court 1 to the bar-side comfort of court 4. Up against Bryanston who has given us a bit of a drubbing in the first round. Enter the underdog.

At 1: Mark v Nick: Great game to watch, complete see-saw ding donger. The younger Nick eventually just pipping Mark 3-2.

At 4: Lyal v Ian: Another fantastic running match, with Lyal performing some acrobatics to stay in some of the rallies.
 Every game except the last going down to the wire. Lyal came back Rafa-style to take the two games he won, including the fourth, which gave reason to shout and cheer and generally be excited. But then he lost the fifth and went down 3-2 (16-14; 13-15; 14-16; 16-14; 7-15). Two great games so far, but Chambers yet again on the wrong end of 5-setters.

At 2: Phil v John: An undercooked opponent with a replacement racket seemed a little out of sorts, and Phil managed a 3-0 win. Game on.

At 3: Bruce (post Comrades) v Brad: Bruce's 100km-older legs took a few rallies to get going, but once they did he proved too strong for his opponent, winning comfortably 3-0 in the end.

So, a good end to a loooong night of squash. The only downer was the barney developing on court 1, which stole some of our loyal support.
Match score: 12 - 6