4th League vs Parkview

Vevek went on first against Hano suffering from a bad bout of flu and his performance reflected it, did not offer his opponent much resistance, lost 3-0 serving out 7 times (if not more) in the process.
Ryan went on next against a very competitive and fit young Nicola, played well to level the match at 2-2, but then gave it away in the 5th with lots of unforced errors.
Dave playing at number 2 for the first time this season continued his good form winning 3-1 against Ronald.
Flip who was just recovering from flu lost the first two games and then staged a great come back to win against Colin who hasn't lost a match yet this season.

1.       Ryan v Nicola (lost 2-3)
2.       Dave v Ronald (won 3-1)
3.       Flip v Colin (won 3-2)
4.       Vevek v Hano (lost 0-3)

Match result : 8 - 11