6th B League vs Chamber A

This week saw the second round of Chamber v Chamber, this time with Chamber 'B' picking up the tab. But you know, that's fine, because 'B' klapped 'A'. Again. Bragging rights will will definitely not be shared!

1. Bruce v Gerhard - a tight game saw Bruce just pipping it 3-1.

2. Mark v Gavin - Mark suffered a smash and grab on 14-14 in the first game courtesy of a baffling let call and spineless marker, and was sufficiently confused to completely lose the plot for the rest of the match. Down 0-3. In my defense (I was the marker), I was simply respecting seniority (age) when granting Gavin the let.

3. Phil v Manie - Rustiness on both sides made for some fairly unattractive squash. 3-1 win for Phil.

4. Lyal v Louis - Inspired by two weeks farting about in the Nevada desert, Lyal played some inpsired squash to steamroll Louis 3-0.

A 12-5 drubbing for the 'A' team then! Better luck next season chaps.

Match score: 12 - 5