2nd LEAGUE vs Old Eds

A cold night at the Ice Chamber. First up, Willem against prima donna Paul. Willem seemed very rusty at first, and was 6-12 down in the first before he started moving fluidly, caught up and won the first. Then won the 2nd comfortably. But Paul fought back and won the next 2 to make it 2 all. (After the first game, with Paul doubled over, Toby offered R50 to any takers that the match wouldn’t go to 5.) The 5th was close and hard, got to 13 all, but Willem managed to win the next 2 points. Great win!

Next was Gary against Toby (and it was his birthday – I served out once as a birthday present). A 58 minute 3-1, with Gary the winner this time. (Jeff said he’d only play if he could wear his shorts and play Toby. He could have had his wish.)

Stan then had a run against Brad, no problem for the champ who didn’t drop a game.

Last up, Mike played Greg. Mike lost the 1st, but fought back to win the next 2. Mike narrowly lost the 4th (13-15), and then lost the 5th.

We’re still lying 2nd with 5 matches to go.

Stan: 3-0
Willem: 3-2
Mike: 2-3
Gary: 3-1

 Match result : 14 - 6