7th A League vs. Winchester Hills

What a champ, 10.51 Comrades and 6 wins out of 6 matches. Guess who?

The Winchester boys arrived complete with their social skills pack. Gary was up first and lost the first. “Ear Ear” played well but did not get “there there” and lost the next two.

On goes George after being let down at the last minute by Karel, shame on him, and eased away to a 2 nil lead. He wanted to make quick work as he was due to attend the “Aches and Pains” party at his Florida running club. Sadly he dozed in the third, woke up in the fourth, had match point, blew it and had to play a fifth and did not Grant (excuse the pun!) his opponent 5 points. One match all and looking good.

Paul, hoping to boost his 14.29% winning record, gamely took on their number one. Lost the first two but came back in the third, could not keep the momentum going despite some valiant body-wrenching dives, and lost 3-1.

Last but not least, Mike, eager to salvage some pride for the team takes on Pule who drilled him 3 egg in the first round. Revenge was on the cards. Good start with Mike winning the first game, next two were lost and the fourth was won easily to 3. Yes 3! False sense of security prevailed and Mike lost the fifth to 12.

The team lost to the better team (sports wise) on the night and like ghosts in the night the Winchester okes had voomed. Dopi Zero beckoned for the three musketeers which was the same number as our 2nd league side whose opponents also did not pitch for some reason that Willem and Gary was sharing with us!

Yes you guessed right, the “who” is George. Well done for the Comrades and he will have to decide, Chamber or Florida!

Squash Tip of the Week
In the cold drop a lot more than normal, especially if the player is behind you.

#1: Paul vs. Ivor, 1-3: 12-15, 8-15, 15-13, 9-15
#2: Gary vs. Dillon, 0-3: 7-15, 11-15, 10-15
#3: Mike vs. Pule, 2-3: 15-12, 13-15, 11-15, 15-3, 12-15
#4: George vs. Grant, 3-2: 16-14, 15-10, 8-15, 15-17, 15-4

Match score: 6 - 14