7th B League vs. Edenvale

 This was a bad night for Team 7B and the freezing temperatures did not help matters either.

We could only muster up 3 players due to the normal excuses of sick, lame and lazy. We tried to get players from other teams but a trip to Edenvale in freezing conditions was not appealing.

Fillmore played 1 and lost miserably 3-0.

Chapman won an entertaining match 3-1 against a strong female opponent.

Hamilton started off promising but an ugly argument with the marker finished off his zeal and he lost 3-1.He left immediately after his match but later to discover that there had been an unsuccessful attempt to steal his car with the thieves getting away with his laptop.

On this point the parking area at the club is unsafe as it is not lit and there is no guard. We recommend that Chamber Club boycotts playing matches there until Edenvale Club gives the assurances that it has taken steps to improve the situation.

Having lost the match 13-4 and with no arrangements by Edenvale for supper the last two standing, Fillmore and Chapman left and had an enjoyable supper with Teams 6A and 6B at Doppios.


Match result 4 - 13