5th League “the G Team” vs Randburg

The G-team played Randburg – a very odd team. 2 very good players at Nos 1 and 4 and 2 very weak players  at Nos 2 and 3.

BigG drew a short straw by electing (no insisting) on playing at No 4. His opponent served better than the Silver Fox at his best and when BigG did manage to return his serve it was cut off and killed masterly. At 2-0 down and half-way through the the 3rd, BigG feigned a groin injury and withdrew to the bar for solace and comfort (not given I hasten to add).

Wonder G or kpmG or G(hit) – we can’t decide on a G-name for him yet played a devastating length with power and precision to annihilate his opponent (watch out next season 2nd lge boys – this boy is going to give you a run for your money) giving him a total of 13 points in the match.

G-spot recovered from flu and a wonky hammie had no excuses in this match – except for giving his oppo 28 years advantage, and having to contend with dagga smoke filtering through the ventilation system onto the court – but did manage to win 1 very important game. Oh….. and did I mention the marker was blind!!

So the pressure was on LG for a 3-0 to win the match. That he duly did with a little wobble in the 2nd (LG objected to last weeks comments that he fell asleep). So “life was good” for LG and the team.

Match result :  9 - 6