10th LEAGUE vs Wits

Played Wits at Chamber Wednesday night 21st  Sept. 2011

Wits romped home in a rampant display of youth versus age with an easy win of  4/12

First up and playing No. 1 was Paddy. Trying his hand at moving up the ladder he voluntarily elected himself as the No. 1 for the Chambers old codgers league.  Trouble is Wits had brought in the world champion as a stand in for their regular No. 1 and Paddy only got as far as opening the door to the Court before each game was already over.  A dismal defeat for Paddy at 0/3.

Next up at No. 2 was Brian, the strong man from the West.  He wasn’t going to let any brat hit the ball past him and promptly demolished the upstart  from Wits with a crushing 3/0 defeat. Chambers 10th league team was cruising again, but not for long.

Des was playing next in No. 3 and no matter where he put the ball the Wits player was there before him. The call from Debbie his wife during the second game to say she was stuck on the road with a flat battery didn’t  help but Des played bravely on to go down eventually 1/3 to a quick and determined Witsie.

Finally John playing at No. 4 demonstrated how much he deserved to be nominated in 2010 for the worst player of the decade.  He suffered an ignominious defeat of 0/3 at the hand of a surprisingly quick and slippery little opponent.

Better luck next time. At least the Pizzas tasted good and John brought cash instead of relying on his Greek credit card  to pay the bill.

Final result : 4 - 12