4th League vs Bryanston

Vevek played first at number 3, comfortable 3-0 win against Alan.

Jeff moving down from 2nd league to sub at number 1 started very casually and lost the first two games very closely, then decided that he should try a bit harder in the 3rd but played some nervous squash to lose 3-0 to Schalk, an opponent that he should have beaten easily. (Anyway thanks to Jeff for slumming it in 4th lge on the pretense of strengthening the whole club further down!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Flip played Barend at number 4, was down 2-0 before he could work out his opponents game, then made a determined come-back and win 3-2.  

Ryan then needed a win at number 2 to secure the team result, went up 2-0 without much trouble. His opponent Shaun however started to read Ryan’s game and took the next two games before running out of steam in the 5th, 3-2 win to Ryan.

Final Result
Jeff        0-3
Ryan      3-2
Vevek   3-0
Flip         3-2

Match result : 6 - 13