7th B League vs. Wits

First up Peter LR against Steven. Steven breezed through the first 2 games, while Peter was still tying his laces. Third game Peter made a good comeback and at 13-13 in the fourth, the  game was well poised with Peter playing better squash. Unfortunately Steven came up with a couple of good winners to take the 4th 15-13 and the match 3-1.

Next on was Peter F against old rival Roy. A ding-dong battle with two evenly matched players. Peter up 2-1, Roy then levelling at 2-2. All down to the 5th.  By this stage there was a of banter, badgering and barking on the court. An even game until Peter rattled off a few good points at the end to win the 5th 15-11.

Chris on next against Bongi, a top Gauteng ladies player. Chris was battling from the first game, trying to avoid Bongi’s vicious backhand boast. He was desperately trying to keep Bongi in front of him (??) so dropping from the back of the court seemed to be his best option. And when Bongi picked up the return, that was it for Chris, no retort. And the supporters could not butt (sic) in either, we just watched in awe as the plot unravelled. Chris down 0-3.

Finally our import from 7A, Doc Fallon. Paul started like the Gautrain, flying at 180 km per hour, missing all the stops. He took the first two games and was looking great in the third. We were packing our bags and getting ready for Doppio’s, when, like the Gautrain, the cables were stolen and the train came to a grounding halt. Lights out and a sweet surrender from thereon, going down 2-3.  Don’t bother about helping out next week Paul, I think we have a volunteer from 15th league.

Final score 6-14

As usual, we proceeded to Doppio’s to pontificate about our chances in the league and more specifically how we could avoid relegation. But then we realised we still had to play the 7A team, and with the bragging rights still safely with us, we may just be able to relegate them........

Match score: 6 - 14