5th League “the G Team” vs Wanderers

It was definitely a game of two halves....

First up was BigG, newly returned from a potentially reputation threatening groin injury on to face the young, thin, red haired runner who's name i now forget. After looking very impressive during the warm up, BigG found himself down 6-1 within a few minutes once the game started. Drawing from years of experience, BigG managed to unsettle his opponent with some great length and powerful drives to recover and take the first game. This caused a small crack in the confidence of the runner that was totally smashed after an awesome backhand-over-the-head-behind-the-back-drop-into-the-nick by the larger player. BigG ran out the rest easily to win 3-0.

Then up was kmpG who is struggling to settle on the g-nickname. Some say that he prefers the name CostasG, but the jury is still out. Andrew ran into an inform Dylan that had absolutely no respect for loose, short down the middle of the court shots, killing them at will. kpmG, who is a much better player was sadly off form and got his arse kicked 3-0. He did however win the "Maximum F-bombs dropped" section of the Friendship Cup, as well as the "How to argue with the ref and not win the fight because he is both bigger than you and more importantly also CORRECT" award.

that left us at 3-3.

On goes G-Bo who has been in spectacular form lately. The scribe went to have a shower and returned to find G-Bo down 2-0 to a smaller fitter player who kinda fancies himself as a Ninja based on the headband. Or a part time pirate. Not sure. The game was closer than the score reflects with G-bo losing a few crucial rallies late in each game to hand the game over. Sad but thats life.

So now we are 6-3 down and its over to LG to see if we can get to a points count out...

Lets be honest. LG is playing really consistant great squash at the moment and is the banker in the side. He made mincemeat of his rather fit looking opponent for the first two games. Some nice hitting with some devious boasts and reverse angles made his opponent look a bit rattled. 2-0 up and some frantic counting by the rest of the team showed that Duncan could not drop more than 5 points in the final game. A tough ask in the new scoring system. 

LG came close but could not close it out and we tied 6-6 but lost the count out by 4 points.

We finished with a great pizza at Doppio's

Match result :  6 – 8