6th B League vs Old Eds

Yet another makeshift 6B travelled through Tuesday night's armageddon weather all the way to Old Eds, to play their B side. B v B. CB v OEB.

Last time these two Bs clashed, Old Eds B (OEB) took it, but only just. Their win was largely due to me losing in the 5th having been 14-9 up, or something pathetic like that.

This time Chamber B (CB) started brightly, with Mark seeing off Rael 3-2. I'm still not sure what number these two chose to play at. They started before anyone else was there, and by the time I got there our first side was playing on the court next door. Now I'm not saying that Mark v Rael is a poor spectacle, and had anyone else been playing next door I would have given Mark v Rael my full attention. It's just that watching Mwansa make an Old Eds 1st team hot shot run around like a headless chicken is too good to miss.

I, Substitute number 1 (Manie) then dispatched OEB's John 3-2. A tight game between two giants probably would have been less tight had a doubles court been available. There was very little space for the ball. I think this was the number 4 match.

I, Substitute number 2, (Louis) playing at 3 for us, was all fired up and raring to go, and showed plenty of potential, but inconsistency at key moments cost him his match, going down to a wily Volker 3-0.

By this stage Mark had left for Bela Bela to fetch his son, who had decided that holiday time was over and he wanted to come home, now, 4 days early. Bela Bela is at least 2 hours drive from Old Eds, even at Mark speed. On a Tuesday night!

So things were all set up nicely for me to both avenge my All Black-style choking and win the match overall. OEB's Tony was just as full of running as he was last time, and it took about 9 points in the first game before I woke up. I won the second, but that's all I won. Tony was too quick and too strong, and won 3-1 in the end.

So 7 games for CB, and 10 for OEB. The only CB player left in the building by this stage, I joined OEB and OEA, some okes from Southern Suburbs, and our victorious nearly All Blacks 1st side for dinner, where I learned an unexpectedly large amount of new information about Jewish culture and German passports.

Match score: 7 - 12