7th A League vs. Southern Suburbs

You thought the Boks World Cup squad announcement was bad, well our team’s effort, save fingerless Steph was worse.

Mike did not bother the scorer, did not need a towel and will use the same squash kit for practise on Saturday. And does he need the practise. Lost 3-0.

Steph, first match back with a full set of fingers, played well with a wobble in the second and won 3-1.

Karel, complete with fashionable fleece, was looking good till he pulled a hammie in the second and went down 3-0.

On goes our MVP, Nic, who has won every Masters League match at #1, so he tells us. Unfortunately he has not quite replicated it in the Gauteng league.  Looking for his first win, he met an equally short oke and nearly took the second being 11-7 up. Not to be and lost 3-egg.

We look forward to the return of George, who has a 100% winning record, from his Morris Minor steering column failure (we believe you!). Get well soon.

Match score: 3 - 13