7th A League vs. Edenvale

Off to the dark, dark car park of Edenvale. “Will my car be safe? You have a Merc, they only steal bakkies!” quote from recently employed car guard. True as the car was there after the match.

At  #1 Paul did a Usain Bolt in the first game and lost it. The next three games, sprinkled with excellent retrieving by Paul, biased marking (according to the opposition) by Mike and the odd, elegant dive by Paul went his way and Paul won 3-1.

At #4 George dispatched his opponent with ease despite a groin strain (how this is linked with a Morris Minor steering column failure I don’t know and neither does Amstel), shaky knees and a late call up due to Stephan flu (get well soon). George maintains his 100% winning record and long may it last.

At # 3 it was Mike squared. Mike vs Mike and Mike won. It was a ding dong affair. Mike Lawrensen (ML) took the first, Michael Hunt (MH) took the second, ML the third easily, MH the fourth. In the fifth ML raced to 8-2, oops, MH clawed back to 9-9, ML 13-10, even more oops then MH with
measured, calculated, cool stroke play and a gout ridden elbow took the next two points to win 3-2.

On for a 16; the first since the white washing of Randburg.  Papa needed a win. “No problem, this chap has never beaten me”. Nic wins the first, looking good; Nic wins the second, looking even better; Nic looses the third; Nic bombs out in the 4th, difficult to come back from 14-0 down. In the 5th Nic runs out of legs; happens when they are short and his opponent won 3-2; a good comeback.

A much need 14-6 win going into the two week break. Time for the disabled in our team to recover!

For only the second time in 10 years, George Bowen did not make the meal and Nic represented us, thank you.

PS. Randburg did not pitch!

Match score: 14 – 6