6th B League vs Southern Suburbs

Unaccustomed as I am ….. this report will be brief!  Chamber  6B took on a luminous yellow Southern Suburbs last Tuesday.  Clearly the colouring was too bright for Lyal at no 4 who went down 0-3 to a short but determined Garret with diamond studded earing. 

Phil put us back on track by beating Duane with ease.  They breed them tough in the south, as the three stiches in Duane’s eye lid received three days earlier from a squash racket  did not seem to affect his game – Phil was just on form. 

Big G, standing in for us again (thank you Big G!) went in at No 1 against Dilin who is a little “out of place” in the 6th.  Big G managed to take 13 points in the second game but unfortunately was outplayed.  Lastly Bruce took on a very serious and determined Okkie, who happened to be the opponent guilty of inflicting the three stiches in Duane’s eye. 

A little respectful of Okkies swing I managed to pull off a 3-2 win which meant we went down by two games.

George vs Dilin – 0-3 (6-15,13-15,9-15)
Bruce vs Okkie 3-2 (15-7, 10-15,15-12,12-15,15-8)
Phil vs Dwayne  3-0 (15-6,15-11,15-7)
Lyal vrs Garrett – 0-3 (13-15,13-15,13-15)

Match score: 6 - 10