5th League “the G Team” vs Wanderers

The G-team played Wanderers who are top of the league – all matches went to 5 games.

G-spot on first went 2-0 down and at 12-14 down in the 3rd looked to be out of it. But wait (dear reader) G-spot doesn’t give up easily and snuck in 16-14. In the 4th he was again 14-12 down……….but wait (dear reader) he came back again to win 16-14. After that the oppo was a broken man and went down 15-5 in the fifth. The motto (dear reader) – NEVER GIVE UP.

kpmG then on a against Jaco – a running acquaintance – and these guys ran. kpmG was 2-0 up lost the next 2 and had match points in the 5th before losing it 18-16.

LG then had another 5-set humdinger and like kpmG had a match point in the 5th before losing 18-16.

So the pressure was on G-Bow to win the match. G-Bow was 2-0 down but fought back brilliantly to level at 2-2 and was then 14-9 up in the fifth. The match was in the bag………………….but………………….(dear reader)………………his opponent had been watching G-spot and never gave up. Incredibly he won that game 16-14. G-Bow was a broken man!!!

We lost by 9 points I think, but I don’t think I’ve ever played in a match where all 8 players had match points.

Match result :  10 – 12