5th League “the G Team” vs Bryanston

The G-team were decimated this week with BigG still feigning a groin injury, LG in Spain, FerG in Peru and kpmG gargling with his tonsils. So we brought in the biG Guns from 4th lge -  GEC (General Electric Chris) and the G-cock. (Thanks to Jeff for dropping down to strengthen the whole club)

G-cock on first showed his class against a young Tom, lobbing and boasting him to a frustrated pulp.

G-spot next oozing confidence came up against Paul who had been primed to drill the ball as hard as he could to negate the lobs and drops. Paul went 2-0 up but was visibly tiring. The 3rd was close with Paul giving everything but G-spot held on to win 16-14. Paul was now very, very tired and was there for the taking. Somehow he kept going,  though and even at 12-all G-spot was confident of pulling through. Not to be however and Paul used the last of his energy to win 3 points on the run and the match.

G-Bo against Alex, started off like a steam train, taking the first with perfect drives and even more perfect drops on both sides. In the 2nd he was 10-4 up and ……………………the tide turned. He didn’t win another point in that game and although got close in the next 2, never looked like winning.

So, for the second week running, the pressure was on our last player to win the match. That fell to GEC this time and he didn’t let the team down, running everything down against Che, a runner of note himself. In the process, GEC executed some of the best lobs ever seen at the Chamber, with Che eventually not even bothering to even try and return them. GEC triumphed 3-0 to see the team through by a couple of games

Supper at Doppios was a hilarious affair with G-cock  regaling us with tales of his “Sperm-Mobile” and Tom being interrogated about his profession – a bio-genetical engineer (you’d be amazed at the different body parts he has manufactured and enhanced)

Match result :  10 - 6