6th B League vs Wanderers

Tough games were always on the cards against second on the log Wanderers. Everyone was back from all corners of the continent and we could field a side without I, Substitute for the first time in a while. Didn’t help our performance though – this ended up being embarrassing. In a batch of games featuring 3 Bruces and 2 Phils there was another glaring similarity – that being the results i.e. us being drilled by them.

At no.4 Phil  Alves was up against Bruce #1: Bruce was a fetcher of note and didn’t let anything go. The game was a good match up and featured two impressive comebacks; one from Wanderers and one from Chambers. Bruce pipped Phil in the end of a hard running 5 setter. Phil lost 2-3.

At no. 2 Bruce Bydawell was playing Louie. Bruce had some pressure on to keep up his unbeaten record in the league. The two players were evenly matched with Bruce getting off to a flyer in the first and getting 8 – 0 up before his opponent tightened up his game. It ended up being a very tight first game with Bruce holding out to take it 17-15. Despite the rest of the match being a thriller, it was the last game Bruce would win and it brought and end his unbeaten season. Bruce lost 1-3.

Nigel vs Phil at no. 1: not much to report other than it was a display of dominance. Great length from Phil and too tight – I was finished off without troubling Phil and have been threatened with a trip back to Ghana. Nigel lost 0-3.

Mark vs Bruce #2 at no. 3: Mark was up against a deceptive Bruce whose awkward style of play belied some good shots. Mark him on the ropes though, but somehow allowed him to sneak back in and take it to another 5 setter. Again, this wasn’t to go our way and Bruce played some risky shots which all came good against a keen, but tiring Mark. Mark lost 2-3.

A bad evening out for Chambers and our first 16 pointer down. We’ll have to pull some finger at the end of the season to fight our way back up the log a bit.

Match score: 5 - 16