4th League vs Old Eds

Played away to an Old Eds sided strengthened by bringing in a reserve at number one from 2nd league. Dave went on first at number 3 against a youngster, took the 1st two games very closely, was down 11-14 in the third and used all his experience to win a hard fought match 3-0.

Ryan then went on to play Toby at number one, managed to take a game and had chances in the fourth but just ran out of steam to lose 1-3.

Chris then went on to play Glen, lost the first very easily, fought back well to take the next game but then lost the third. Fourth game was very competitive, and with Chris being down 11-14 and match point, his opponent pulled his calf muscle but managed to hobble back to receive service. To everyone’s  surprise, Chris then served the next point out-of court to gift his opponent the match, still not sure if that was intentional or not, but definitely a COTY nomination.

Vevek then went on against their number 2, played well to beat a very quick and fit opponent in 3 sets, great win for the team.

Final Result
Ryan      1-3
Vevek   3-0
Dave      3-0
Chris      1-3

Match result : 10 - 6