4th League vs Bryanston

Played the 2nd placed team on the log, Ryan went on first at number 1, won a close 1st game, was up in the 2nd before losing 3-1, had chances to level in the 4th but did not take them. Vevek then went on against a very difficult opponent Kevin, won a close 1st game and then went on to lose the next two very easily, fought back well in the 4th and 5th for a good win. Flip went on next at number 3 to play Quinton, dropped the 2nd game but won comfortable 3-1. It was then all up to Chris to beat a reasonable unfit Darryl for the team victory, but Chris’s lack of focus and casual approach lost him the match 3-1 to an opponent he beat 3-0 last time out.

Final Result
Ryan      1-3
Vevek   3-2
Flip         3-1
Chris      1-3

Team won 8 - 11

Match result : 8 – 11