Ladies 3rd LEAGUE vs Edenvale

A match of 5 setters

Heather lost 2-3.
Audrey lost 2-3.
Julie won 3-2
Pat lost 2-3

Overall result : 9 - 14

Ladies 3rd LEAGUE vs Randburg

The ladies 3rd league played against Randburg on monday night.

It was a very entertaining evening. Audrey had a tough game as not only did she have to try and concentrate on playing the game but had to remain calm as her opponent complained and was completely full of attitude.

Fefi had an amazing game as every single fancy and sneaky shot worked like a charm for her. Her opponent did not even get a chance to get into the game.

Julie had a tough five setter. She struggled to get into the game in the beginning and then dominated until the end of the match.

Jo played a tough opponent but had a really good running match.

The results were: Joanne won 3-0
Fefi won 3-0
Audrey lost 2-3
Julie won 3-2

Overall result : 14 - 5