2nd LEAGUE vs UJ

A battle between the top 2 teams turned out to be a massacre.
Willem played first against Ian, a hard match with some monster rallies, but Willem’s batteries went flat first (maybe his bachelor’s party on Saturday had something to do with it) and he only managed to win 1 game.
Mike played next against Mark, again pretty hard close match, but Mike also couldn’t hold on and only managed to win 1 game. Maybe it had something to do with the magic trick he did in the 3rd – he managed to push his thumb through the crack at the back of the glass door on court 2. This gap is a fraction of the size of his thumb and I would have thought this was done with mirrors had I not been there.
Next up, Stan, our banker; no such luck. Jarryd took him apart in 3 games.
Last to play Gary. Against Montshiwagae,Motsie (Heston). Close games with Gary running out ahead in all 3, but not being able to finish.
We managed a mere 2 points for the evening. Hope this doesn’t jeopardise our 2nd spot.

1)      Stan 0-3
2)      Willem 1-3
3)      Mike 1-3
4)      Gary 0-3

 Match result : 2 - 16