10th league vs. Jeppe

It had to happen … our run of fine wins came to a miserable halt last night. Jeppe had three courts available so after watching Paul Dixon run around in his first two games, Richard Lees and Steph took on their respective opponents. All three matches ended within a few minutes of each other. Paul was the only one of us to put up a substantial fight, but he succumbed in the fifth. Richard and Steph were both comprehensively outplayed. Our cause was not helped by Phil “No Show” Norton, who apparently got his dates mixed up!

The best part of the event was an early evening dinner (for a change) at Primi Piatti in Bedfordview.

  1. Steph 0 - 3
  2. Phil N 0 - 3
  3. Paul 2 - 3
  4. Richard 0 - 3

Match result: 2-16