4th LEAGUE vs Parkview

Well, 4th lost their first place slot last night. No BMT in this side. We were 3 points ahead of Wits going into this match, and we only managed 9 points. Wits played the other Parkview side, and beat them 14 something. This takes them to the lead by 2 points.

Our last match is against the other Parkview side, and Wits play the weak Old Eds side, which we got 16 off. We’re in real trouble here.

We still need to make up a game against the strong Old Eds side, but I think Wits do too?

Anyway, last night’s results:

Willem 0-3 cleaned up by a ringer. Willem managed 4 points.

Gary 1-3 bullied, pushed and cheated by Aiden; as was the ref.

Shaun 3-0 Against a clueless Pepe

Vevek 3-1 Held in there for a comfortable finish.

So games were the same and we counted points. Luckily Willem got 4, because we won by 4 points.

Result: 9-7

Match Result: 9-7