5th LEAGUE vs Bryanston

Jeff (Baldy) was first up at No.1 against Daryl Brent, and had very little difficulty in winning 3-0.

Ryan (Rin Tin Tin) went on next at No. 4 against Schalk a youngster who did not believe he could win (and proved it to himself). Schalk got to about 7-3 up in the first, then let Ryan in to win the first 9-7. In the second Ryan got to 2-6 down before coming through and winning 9-6. In the third, the Bryanston team members started chanting “Rin Tin Tin” each time Ryan hit the tin, but that just got Ryan thinking and he stopped hitting the tin and won comfortably 9-2 for a 3-0 victory.

Fergus (or is that Mergus) went on next at No. 3 against Barend, another youngster, and despite managing to win one game to secure the team victory, lost 3-1, including a “bagel” 9-0!!

Finally, Chris (captain-my-captain) went on against Jan Ludick and quickly got to being 2-0 down. Some deep digging and cunning reverse angles allowed me to get back to 2-2, and eventually due to superior fitness managed a comfortable 9-7 win in the 5th to win 3-2

Match Result: 13-5