11th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

You think the chairman’s heartfelt plea for every possible match to be won would have done something for us. Touched us emotionally perhaps. Made us dig down to the farthest reaches of our cold souls to dredge up a win, no matter the cost. Touching as the plea may have been, it wasn’t enough to get us there against Old Eds. Despite being conditioned to withstand sub-zero temperatures at the Ice Chamber, it still seemed cold enough at their courts to freeze the b*llocks off a polar bear. This probably had something to do with our court being positioned next to the massive ventilation grating that allowed the arctic air to sweep merrily across our gooseflesh covered legs. Word of advise to anyone playing on the Old Eds courts – stay away from Court 6.

On then to the results:

  1. Phil A vs. Stephan: won 3 – 2. Strange and lopsided game to watch with games going 9-0, 6-9, 9-0, 4-9, 9-4. Some good chasing from both players made for a good game though.
  2. Nigel vs. Justin: lost 1 – 3. With Nigel severely demoralized after two hidings in a row, a win was needed here to restore spirit. Nigel had a feeling, intuition if you like, that this was the week. Obviously no Nostradamus then ‘cause he went down in four. Entertaining for the crowds though as all the games were close and there were some lengthy rallies with neither player giving an inch. Seems that on the night there weren’t that many inches to give…
  3. Greg vs. Alan: lost 1 – 3. Despite coming back strongly in the second, it proved not to be Greg’s night. There were some strange excuses about hiking the weekend through a Drakensberg freeze and buttock muscles going into spasm as a result?!
  4. Keith vs. Mike: lost 0 – 3. Seems that the magic of the week before could not be rekindled. An opponent with quick reflexes cut off most of the shots and didn’t let Keith find his groove.

Final result: Lost 5 – 14

Final result 3 - 13