9th League A vs. Wanderers


At home hosting Wanderers on Wed night and down to earth we crash with an almighty thud.

On first goes Bowen at No 3. A youngster all of 25 shows absolutely no respect. 9 - 3 and 9 - 4 x 2. Clean, clinical and quick. No excuses --- totally outplayed. So at least I proudly got 11 points and duly apologized to the rest of the team.

Followed up by Doc Fallon at no 4. He wins first after making heavy weather of it 10 - 9. Then cleans him up 9 - 0. Only to then lose the third 7 - 9. Very consistent, not so ? But goes on to deliver the coup de grace 9 - 5 and put us back in the game.

So Mark Van N at no 1 is now going salvage matters once and for all ? Think again. He only ends up making me feel quite cool. Playing another young upstart, this fellow simply says, --- to be very polite to our fellow --- bang, bang thank you 'mam. In colloquial terms, our man Van got screwed. The score card reads 27 - 3, and the young man's parting shot is "go and have a shower even though you don't need it."

But wait, here comes Bruce at # 2. What a match. Sheer brilliance. Now I've written a couple of reports over the years about good games and bad but this one takes the cake and the biscuit. He loses the first 0 - 9 but then --- I just don't know. A five setter unfolds which raises a very, very rowdy and full gallery to their feet --- literally --- time and again. Sheer brilliance. Needless to say, he eventually pulls it off 3 - 2. What a match. But alas not enough to save our souls.

So down we tumble 6 -- 11 and drink it all off at good old Dros with our fellow 9th lge chommies until a fairly late hour.

Squash commentary of the week

Don't drop the pensioner Mike Hunt --- ever !!

The old codger won again --- on his week off --- graciously helping out our friends the "b" side next door

Match score: 14-6