11th LEAGUE vs Alberton

Threats from the chairman of relegation from the club had their desired effect. This win was too long coming, but that didn’t make the taste of victory any less sweet. Maybe it was the influence of a feminine spectator, or maybe it was the lamentations of injured captain Roger – whatever the cause, Alberton were left with no sweet memories, save those that came from the bar in liquid form.

No. 1 – Phil A vs Andy: won 3 – 0. Despite some diversionary chirping from the Welshman, Phil picked holes in his game and cleaned up quickly.

No. 2 – Nigel vs. Corne: won 3 – 2. Managed to make heavy weather of a game that should have been a breeze. Lots of chasing and Corne didn’t have the lungs to go the distance.

No. 3 – Greg vs. Robert: won 3 – 0. A game that would’ve had Ali and Foreman wincing. Very physical with rackets scything through the air. One bloodied chin later, Greg trooped off to the hospital to see whether stitches were in order. Despite the scars of battle, he finished the game with the correct result.

No. 4 – Keith vs. Allen: won 3 – 1. The lobs and drops proved too much for Keith’s oppo on the evening. The Scotsman strikes again

Final result 16-3