9th League A vs. Southern Suburbs

Here is a report of Wednesday’s game. Well done team and more of the same will see us top the league at the end of the season.

9th League A away to Southern Suburbs, 29th August 2007

Back to our winning ways, and as our Chairman commented last week this was a BEEEIG match. We beat our only rivals Southern Suburbs for the second time this season.

Michael played first against a German from Eagle (no, the oppo did not land a win) Canyon and maybe he should turn to golf. The SS were full of chirpers, however they more than met their match on court from an Ali shuffling, flobbing (floating lob), receiver of several blatantly wrong calls (from a myopic, potential Spec Savers customer, disguised as a referee), looser of retirement status (he is going back to work next month), better player. Paul, check out my dodgy, strapped up knee sustained from a knee wrenching dive last week (on court not in the pool), ran the legs off his crafty opponent who often dazzled the marker and spectators. Not with his shots but his shiny dome! Time was running out so two courts were used for the remaining matches which were both completed in double quick time. Mark “I’m fed up with being the sacrificial lamb”, met an oke that should be playing in 4th league. Mark was improving all the way and a mathematician in the crowd noted that using extrapolation he would win in 6 games time. Unfortunately we could not stay around to verify the theory as a dead, half chicken, chips, roll, salad and bevies were waiting. Simultaneously Bruce was nailing his opponent and no amount of extrapolation could ever see his opponent winning. We wish Bruce a successful completion of the XXVII Moscow International Peace Marathon on 9th September.

The league is down to a two horse race between Southern Suburbs and us. Despite thrashing them twice we are only 2 points in front of Southern Suburbs who have played one game less. We need a couple of 16’s from the remaining matches and our B side to assist us by Beating them in the last game of the season, Bomprehensively. Go for it B!

Squash Commentary of the Week

Like most other sports, squash is not just about peak, physical fitness (thank goodness) but also a mind game. To assist in the latter a few well placed, as in drops, phrases of a witty, baiting type content can help destabilise the thinking patterns and concentration of the opponent.

#1: Mark played Lee 0-3: 0-9, 3-9, 4-9

#2: Paul played Adrianne 3-2: 1-9, 9-6, 9-0, 6-9, 9-1

#3: Michael played Uwe 3-1: 9-7, 2-9, 9-5, 9-2

#4: Bruce played Brin 3-0: 9-3, 9-4, 9-1

Match score: 12-6

Note: SS stands for Southern Suburbs not “don’t mention the war” Schutzstaffel. They had their entire team including non playing members, Donald and Luigi and this was balanced out by our non playing captain George who was trying to drown his chesty bronchitis and nearly succeeded, quaffing several jars during each match.

Match score: 12-6

Post-match Comment

Well done to the 9A dream team.

In a strange twist of fate the league title is now in the hands of the 9B team.

Regards to all.

Nick (the Greek has landed).