5th LEAGUE vs Pirates

You may remember (in a galaxy far, far away) the following description of Baldy’s game vs Greg of Pirates in the first round……….. “This was a great match and one of the closest 3-0 games I’ve seen for a long time. Jeff was left scratching (or polishing) his head.”………. Well a repeat of this match took place and it was an even better game than the 1st one. With rallies never shorter than 1000 shots each, Jeff went 2-0 up (9-6, 10-8) after about 40 minutes and was looking good……but Greg had different ideas. He dug in and won the 3rd after another marathon game and then took the 4th 9-0. Jeff was just resting for the 5th we thought but going 4-0 down the writing looked on the cards. But again the game swung and Greg seemed to tire, Jeff winning the next 6 points and again looking good. But again Greg dug in and forced his way back in to take the 5th 9-6. The rest of the players were too tired to go on after that exhibition of running from both players.

Anyway the Pirates players seemed more tired than we did.

The Silver Fox won comfortably 3-1.

Feathers won even more comfortably 3-0.

Rin Tin Tin Ryan defied his nick-name and hardly hit the tin once to win 3-1.

We adjourned to the Jolly Roger to watch the end of the Rugby and to try and ignore Feathers descriptions of the ladies that can be seen in his new office block.