8th League v Wendywood

Our last match of the season (except for a possible rearranged fixture against Winchester – should they choose to turn up!)

Manie up first at 4 and off to a good start winning 3-1.

Andy up next at 1 and in no mood to take prisoners 3-0.

George and Stuart fight it out for who plays 2, Stuart loses (George is bigger and wants to preserve his unbeaten record!) and takes to the court at 2 but succumbs to the long arms and legs of a youngster who manages to be in all corners of the court at once, down 1-3.

George gets on court and finds their no 3 is their best player! – however George plays some outstanding squash to get to 2-0 up and 6-1 in the 3rd but it aint over yet. Some remarkable retrieving from the opposition and he loses a very tight third game and then loses the 4th as well. At 1-4 down in the 5th the unbeaten record is slipping away but it still aint over and this time George’s turn to stage a comeback and he takes it in 5.

An excellent match to finish the season and a chamber win 13-6.

Match result: 13-6