7th League vs Germiston

With our esteemed captain and literary poet away on holiday (presumably visiting some outer galaxy), the

match report went something like this:

Phil Maxton at four was first up - our team is so competitive that Phil who is unbeaten this season was demoted

due to losing more than 5 points last week - only kidding, he hurt his ankle in a previous game! A 3-0 win and 11

points being dropped means he's out the team permanently - 7th league is a tough training ground and Phil needs to

understand the meaning of winning convincingly.(9-3/9-0/10-8)

Richard on at one was coming off a loss last week and needed the win desperately. His opponent was certainly here

to make life difficult for Richard. Rich went down 5 and 6 in the first 2 games but came back to tie it up at 2-2. The fifth

game was heading Chamber's way at 6-2, however Richard went walkabout and lost 7-9. (5-9/6-9/9-6/9-5/7-9)

Gavin Geld on next at three and finished up dropping only 2 points. His opponent was probably (ONLY) George Bowen's standard

and probably should have stuck to his day job.(9-1/9-1/9-0)

Gavin B on last at 2 with a newly bought lime green top to put my opposition off - even I thought it was a bit bright.

It was a rather a bad tempered affair with Kenny (my opponent) interrupting the rallies by purposely getting in the way.

It was quite difficult to concentrate on playing the game when you are collision course with his shoulder every couple of

shots. The crowd assembled were treated to some fine shot making skills of the very highest quality (OR MAYBE IT WAS


Needless to say, this match was destined to go to 5 games which it did. With our 50 point margin at the top of the league

in jeopardy, I knew that I had to make up for Richard's poor recent form. Going into the fifth and with each of my teammates

encouraging me with sentiments like "this has to be the worst squash I have ever seen", this was the time to show my resolve.

With my lime green top reflecting off the newly installed 100W neon lights directly into Kenny's cornea, I charged home to a

9-5 win and incredulous adulations from the gallery (I think they had all gone to shower after the second game, so the support I refer to

must have been a dream).

Apologies for the verbose commentary, but with Colin away I have to take my chance when I can.

Match result : 14-5