7th League vs Wits

Away to Wits University B team with the sniff of a league victory in sight.

On first was InvinciPhil Maxton at 4 - Invigourated by the threat of being dropped due to giving away more than 10 points per match,

Phil cleaned up 3-0 (27-4).

Gavin B on next at 2 playing George Bowen type squash - Uninspired, unmotivated and uninvolved (sorry Doc Fallon)

Won the first game and then proceeded to fiddle around losing the next 3 games -

1-3 (25-33)

Gavin Geld at 3 showing me how to sort the students out won convincingly 3-0 (27-7)

On at 1 Rich Cilliers made me eat my words in the last match report, and pulled out a 3-0 (27-7), barely breaking a sweat.

Overall - 13-3 win

Stayed to watch Willem Ras blow a match point and go down in a 1hr45m epic (felt exhausted watching these guys cover some serious court)

Match result : 13-3