Ladies 4th LEAGUE 01 vs Northcliff

Lisa lost 1-3 (1st loss of the year)

Julie won 3-1

Jenny won 3-0

Nadine won 3-1 (new secret weapon)

Overall result 13-5

Northcliff appeared to bring in a couple of youngsters to "rig" the team as there No 2 in the first round played at no 4, rumour had it that all their normal players were sick but they all arrived to support and didnt appear to have any ailments. Luckily for us their plan back fired although Lisa had recently lost to the girl that Julie played so Julie's nerves were alittle shot in the first game - lost that 0-9 took the second 10-8, then 9-2 and 9-0. (had to dig very deep)

Jenny played her usual game, her opponent seems to go walkabout whenever she is up against a stronger player.

Then we had our secret weapon, Nadine, who won 3-0, Northcliff's No 4 was not chuffed but if Chrisna had played the result would have been the reverse as in the first round Julie just beat her 3-2. Chamber's excuse is we didnt know Nadine's strength. She will be playing at No 2 against Edenvale on the 27th as Lisa is away.

Overall result 13-5