10th league vs. Western Rackets

We’ve been very close to beating the top teams throughout the season but it just hasn’t quite gone our way. Well last night it did, and it did so in a big way …. a whopping 12-5 thrashing of the league leaders!! Poor Western Rackets didn’t know hit them as we played the quality of squash we’ve been threatening all season. First on in his usual No.3 spot was Phil. Whack, whack, whack, game over 3-0 (maybe we are in with a chance tonight?). Next on was Paul who looked really menacing for the first game and then just plain angry as he lost all three. Steph stepped on the court and rose to the occasion and then more. Playing his best squash yet (ever?) he was in no mood to be beaten and took his most capable opponent to the cleaners. Dylan needed to get two games to seal the match and took the first one quite comfortably. The second game went the other way – had his opponent found a minor weakness to exploit? Not a damn. Dylan gathered himself and proceeded to take the next two games in fine style to complete a superb victory. Great stuff lads. We won’t be winning the league but we have shown that we are up there with the best. Well done.

  1. Steph 3-1
  2. Dylan 3-1
  3. Phil P 3-0
  4. Paul 0-3

Match result: 12-5