11th LEAGUE vs Wanderers

The euphoria of last week was short lived. After beating Wanderers on their home ground, they returned with vendetta on their minds and blackness in their hearts. And a team that was 50% different to the original – who were we to complain though, our team also had a 50% turnover.

Playing at number 1: Tom vs. Ismail: lost 2 – 3. Tom was filling in for us after a long absence from squash and started well taking the first game with his girlfriend sitting in the bleachers and cheering him on. After the end of the first game the girlfriend left and Tom’s game dived with the lack of female support losing the next. He fought back to take the third though, but lost the last two games. Mental note Tom: make sure the girl stays the entire game – no more “hockey practice”.

Playing at number 2: Nigel vs. Leon: won 3 – 0. Scoreline may be misleading as Leon retired hurt in the first game.

Playing at number 3: Greg vs. ??: lost 0 – 3. Didn’t see this game as the scribe was playing on the other court at the same time. Greg didn’t seem thrilled though, so am guessing it could’ve gone better.

Playing at number 4: Keith vs. John: lost 1 – 3. The beginning of the first game had Keith 8 – 0 down in split seconds. However, this was just Keith’s game plan and he made a remarkable comeback to take the game 10-8. Keith’s storming run came to an end here (obviously used up everything in the first game) and he lost the next three.

Final result 6-12