12th LEAGUE vs Wits

MATCH 16 - vs. WITS (Played away)

29th August 2007

No 1 - Geoff. Once again finding the No1's in 12th League pretty strong, Geoff never got into the match and was soundly beaten 0/3.

No 2 - Paddy. After a pretty slow start he found his feet and took control of the match and took the first game 9/7. The second and third games were easier and he took them with no trouble at all.

No 3 - Des. Des had been to lunch and was reeking like a winery. I think his opponent was pissed by the time the match finished. Nevertheless the team have offered to pay for him to go to lunch every Wednesday (with the same

crowd) during the league season as we have never seen Des play like this before. He total annihilated his opponent (9/0; 9/0 and 9/0). Absolutely amazing!

No 4 - Bob. Played a very nervous young student and had no problem in his 3/0 win.


No1- 2/9; 6/9 4/9. Lost 0/3

No2- 9/7; 9/4; 9/3. Won 3/0

No2- 9/0; 9/0; 9/0. Won 3/0

No4- 9/2; 9/6; 9/4. Won 3/0

Point - For 93; Against 53.

WON - 12-3