10th league vs. Old Eds

After last week’s humiliating defeat, normality returned with a comfortable win over middle of the league Old Eds. Phil N jumped from last week’s No.4 to a more appropriate No.1 position and should have beaten his 8th league opponent but just went down in the 5th. Thomas boasted and chopped his opponent to oblivion and left him completely wrong-footed at the back of the court at the end of each (short) rally. Welcome back and well played Thomas. Dylan also made mincemeat of his opponent but kindly extended some of the rallies to make a bit of a game of it. He came off the court looking fresher than he went on to it. Phil P looked a bit out of touch and even dropped a game this week but managed to come through 3-1 to wrap up another convincing win. Nice games, nice opponents, nice win and nice dinner. This is what makes league squash fun.

  1. Phil N 2-3
  2. Dylan 3-0
  3. Phil P 3-1
  4. Thomas 3-0

Match result: 14-4