10th league vs. RAU

The rampant 10ths were forced to take on RAU without the leadership of their inspirational captain, Phil " the lets see how difficult I can make this match" Piper. This seemed a reasonable risk to take after all, based on their recent scintillating form, the mighty 10ths had claimed some of the biggest scalps in the league, and RAU could reasonably viewed as minnows of the league. With that in mind, having managed to found the opposition courts in the maze that is RAU, the 10ths were looking at respective ladder positions and feeling confident.

First out. Paul Dixon playing at number 2 took on a nimble youngster. A kid with a great eye, and good speed. This was then matched against Paul's greater mass and experience on the court. A clear verdict on the rugby field, but possibly less of an easy call on the squash court. The match ended up being a titan struggle, with Paul digging deep and exposing the youngsters lack of experience and tactics. Unfortunately the little sucker pipped Paul to the post, with Paul going down 3-2. A good match

Next on was Phil Norton after a lengthy lay off playing at 4, giving weak excuses about suffering from a black lung disease. Despite all the hoo haa he made fairly easy work of the youngster he was put against, despatching him 3-0. He may be required to lose his feeble excuses of illness and play at a higher number next week..

While this was happening Richard Less at 3, was involved in very close match. With the advantage constantly swinging back and forth. The match went to 5 games, with Rich eventually going down 10- 9 in the 5th. The fact that from a points perspective he won, gave some measure of the closeness of the match, but at the end of the day Chambers was still 1 match down.

There may be fines for Rich for this loss at the end of the season.

Chambers was left requiring a win from Steph playing at 1, to pull us through. It was a great match to watch with two skilful opponents working each other around the court. Unfortunately at the end of the day, the RAU player had the edge on the evening. Our man Steph was left stranded high and dry 3-0 down, with Chambers not quite sure how the minnows had halted their juggernaut momentum...

We took some solace from the greasy chips and dodgy chops they provided us for dinner, but went home, with a feeling of missed opportunities. Old Eds will feel our wrath next week.

Match result: 7-12