10th LEAGUE vs Jeppe

We took the long road (unnecesarily longer for some) to Jeppe in Bedforview in a thunderstorm of note making navigating the badly marked and busy roads tough! The 1st of us arrived their at 19:15 due to various reasons (Lets just say I know the roads around there much better now and if there are roadworks at an intersection with no boards, that will ultimately be the road you are looking for! Boeing road east in this instance) and to our surprise their 10th league guys (and girl) were still sportingly waiting for us. Well if we thought getting there was tough our opponents were even tougher.

As they say in the classics ' We came, we saw AND THEY KICKED OUR BUTTS!'.The 10th league unbeaten run came to an abrupt end in week 4. Not the scoreline we expected for our 1st loss! 0 - 16 (and the games werent even as close as the scorline suggested!)

So not much to comment about the games as we were all significantly outplayed by a very decent side that would probably end up very high on the log at the end of the season if they manage to field this team regularly.

The results for the record:

1) Phil Piper vs Robbie Coetzee 0 - 3 (11,11,10) - Phil played well and had some chances but Robbie well in control

2) Doran McKay vs Mike Haylat 0 - 3 (15,11,7) - Doran almost had a chance in the 1st but said he found it increasingly difficuilt reading this blokes game

3) Mario Fourie vs Greg Brumme 0 - 3 (6,6,12) - I was beaten in the warm up already as I was amazed by this oak warming up aka Willem Ras style by himself of the front and side wall! No recovery after that!

4) Paul vd Bijl vs Christine Lowe 0 -3 (12,10,14) Pauls 1st match of the season being the closest match of the evening, but sometimes good is just not good enough and we were just not able to get at least 1 game.

So back to the drawing board to prepare for the return leg to see if we can improve on this disapointing result.


Final result :12 - 4