11th LEAGUE vs Wits

Played Wits A or B (even they were confused as to whether we were playing their strong or weak team!)

At Chamber

Wednesday, 10th March 2010

Arrived all excited to be playing league again and met a bunch of fresh-faced, pimply kids about my grand-daughters age.

No3 - Bob (captain) played first to lead the way by example for the team! Soon to be humiliated by the F-F,P kid AMG-DA, 0/3 without him bursting a pimple or building up a sweat!! Not the way the captain should start the season.

No1 - Our stalwart, Brian, was on next and very quickly put the old guys back in the game. Brian takes no prisoners and whacked the F-F,P kid 3/0. This kid did sweat and burst a few pimples!

Match even so far but we were ahead on points.

Next up was No4 - John. Our nearly seventy year old took on a F-F, P kid who was playing his first ever league game and was more surprised than anyone when he took the first game - 15/10. Then his nerves failed him and he lost the next two games 11 and 13. Our nearly seventy year old is not really good for more than three games, in fact come to think of it he's not really good for any games and faded after putting up some resistance to lose 11/15. Conceded the fifth meekly to hand the advantage back to the kids.

Finally, after waiting for Superman, who was their No 2 but has obviously played (recently) down at 6th or 7th league, and we knew that by the way he warmed the ball while Des (our No2) stood and picked his nose. Des actually hit the ball twice in the 10 minute warm up. Needless to say Superman was far to good for our league and try as he did, Des was not in the match at all going down 5, 8 and 3.

The F-F, P kids were embarrassed by their team selection and agreed that their number 2 and 3 were out of our league. Obviously, the Wits League Rep is not a Stats student.

Final result : 9 - 12