8th League “A” vs. Pirates

For the first time this season, we arrived at a match with the comfort of knowing our playing positions. Nice change and it shows in the results.

First up was Nic the Greek against Rob, apparently back after a bit of a layoff and fortunately for Nic still a bit rusty. Nic took the first game at a canter, but in the second game it became clear that he was not going to have everything his own way. Rob can retrieve and Nic accommodated by playing short (yeah I know he is, but I mean his game). At 2-1 down Nic looked out of it, but he found some better form and Rob looked a bit weary. Then, a few points into the 5th, Nic pulls funny faces and hobbles around clutching his calf. After a short time out and application of some strapping he returned to seal the deal. Great sighs of relief from our team.

Next up was Gary, looking appropriately piratical sporting a bandanna sweatband and ear-ring. He played Justin and made light work of the match. We were a bit concerned when Gary offered his opponent a let after the marker had awarded a stroke to Gary. Justin, of course, capitalised on this generosity and took the next couple of points as well, but normal service was resumed and no real harm done.

Mike then took on Simon and quickly lost the first game. There went any notion of an early night (with two other home matches and some social players all the courts were being used!) Mike responded by taking the second but dropped the third. Simon at times looked like he had figured out Mike’s game, but Mike was too cunning and ground out a win. Somewhere along the line, Mike also reversed a marking decision in his favour, but he won the resultant let, maybe he was just messing with Simon’s mind.

Finally, the courts now empty due to the late hour, Steph played the other Rob. No disputed decisions or funny stuff, the pressure was on to finish quickly.

None of our opponents stayed for food but we celebrated the victory at Doppios anyway.

Results: Chamber Pirates

1 Mike Simon 3 – 2

2 Nic Rob 3 – 2

3 Steph Another Rob 3 – 0

4 Gary Justin 3 – 0

Match score: 16 - 4