10th LEAGUE vs Wits

After a good 13-3 win in week 1, the 10 th league was motivated to keep the good form going against WITS at home.

Motivation died a bit as 19:00 came closer and no signs of our opponents! A quick squiz at court 2 and a bit of maths showed more than 8 players so I (Mario) walzed over and casually asked if there might be any 10th leagers and to my surprise there were 2 10th leagers enjoying the good exhibition being displayed by the 8th or 9th league.

Their no. 1 and 4 players were not there as yet so Nushrah went on 1st at no.3 - WITS were quick out of the blocks and lead the 1st set 8-1 when Nusrah all of a sudden hit more wall than tin and simply destroyed his opponent 3-0 and pretty much set the scene for the remainder of the night. I, playing 4, followed this up with a quick fire 3-0 only giving away 6 points in the process (One where I drove the ball straight back at myself after changing my mind from the drop shot).

Gabrielle asked to be demoted to play at 2 due to an apparent injury - his opponent is still wondering about it as well as the opponent found himself doing all the running and quickly running out of steam to loose convincingly and another 3-0 victory to Chambers.

Last up was Doran being moved up to play 1 - Doran showed that he is a pretty decent player and seldom found one foot of the T as he dominated - well this should go quickly as Doran moved 2-0 ahead. In the 3rd there were some serious signs of the lack of fitness and Doran stared at a 11-14 deficit - There was no ways that he would be able to make a 4th or 5th so he pulled out some moves that would have made the Silver Fox proud he slowed the game down with some nasty lobs and boasts frustrating his opponent to no end and eventually taking the 3rd 17-15.

So a great start to the season with a 16-0 win in week 2!

The only embarrassment of the evening was when I found Nusrah and Doran giving their opponents some real squash lessons even doing some drills with them afterwards, hope this does not come back to bite us in the return leg - A definite COTY nomination if we end up loosing the return league!



Final result :16-0