7th League vs. Southern Suburbs

So, we played Suburbs, at home, and smashed them. Overall 14-6 (I think).

Bruce: 2-3 (I think). He was up against Boris Becker's squash-playing cousin from Mulbarton, who was diving all over the show and playing some crazy squash. Bruce's efforts to match him earned him a muscle strain in his back, poor bugger.

Mark: 3-1 (I think). Mark's opponent Ocki was big and capable, and keen on playing a borderline game all night. Marking was no fun at all. After losing the first mark managed to force enough lets and shout at the marker enough to put Ocki off. Mark also did a bit of diving.

Phil: 3-1. Lost the first game when I shouldn't have, but managed to grab the next three as my opponent's concentration slowly disappeared in favour of self-deprecating jokes (at which we all obligingly laughed).

Tom: 3-1 (I think). Tom's game (read fitness) is improving every week, and his class eventually shone through against an akward-yet-surprisingly-effective opponent. Our Tom is turning into a bit of weapon at no. 4.

Dinner at Doppio after was delicious as always.

Match score: 14 - 6