6thth League A vs Wits

I have been appointed the scribe for the season (sh*t, is this what you get for playing your heart out ….!)

First league match of the season and a good win for the 6th against WITS (12-6)

No 4: Stuart vs Edo (not sure about the spelling??) losing 0-3

Stu had a tough welcoming first night in the 6th league. The 0-3 game score is a bit harsh as he chased the youngster in every game to 12/13 points but making a few uncalled errors. (Having lost, Stu will sit the next game out – bit harsh but it is tough at the top)

No 3: Gerhard vs Roland winning 3-2

Big George P (should say Little “Big” George now after the momentous weight loss….) offered some good advice on this hard hitting youngster. Still could not pick up or see the ball after the first game and had to work hard in the fifth (16-14) to win.

No 2: George vs Andrew winning 3-0

Little “big” George with amazing speed and agility on the court, float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, made Andrew look like…. You guess it ……a student

No1: Silver Fox vs Shaun winning 3-1

Eishh! What a cunning player our Silver Fox is !!! Shaun getting to know the 4 corners of the squash court intimately and our Foxy not making any mistakes (also showing the youngster a few well experienced master shots ie the deceptive lob and the camouflaged cross!!)


The Scribe

Match result : 12 – 6