11th LEAGUE vs UJ

11th League played last night the 31st March at home against Old Edwardians.

Another resounding win for the 11th league. Old Eds were knocked out 13 – 5 by the Champions.

  1. First up was Johan Mare playing Warren Saevitzon. Johan took a big knock in the first game but fought back bravely to take the second but couldn’t hold on to the advantage, eventually going down to a skilful opponent. Score 1- 3.
  2. Des playing No. 2 against Yoav Leviner showed his true form with a comfortable win in the first and second games. Appearing to relax too much he suddenly woke up when he lost the 3rd 11-15 coming back with a vengeance in the 4th with another comfortable win at 15-9. Score 3-1
  3. Paddy was up next playing No. 3 against Justin O’Brien, who at 2 metre plus is probably one of the tallest players in the league. No problem for Paddy though, this bloke doesn’t drive a new car for nothing, he got into top gear and cruised home with a comfortable 3-1 win over his opponent. Score 3-1
  4. John playing Patrick was the real champ of the night and showed everyone what an almost 70 year old can do with a squash ball – he put it away in 3 games to win 3-0. Score 3-0

Final Result Chambers win 13-5.

John F.

Final result : 13 - 5